January 25, 2010

Feel Like A Kid At Christmas

Do you remember when you were a kid the feeling of anticipation that started just around Thanksgiving? It usually really took hold when the toy ads hit the newspaper and the Sears catalog came in the mail. That anxious, excited feeling that would make time seem to stand still.

I haven’t felt such a feeling in YEARS! Until a few weeks ago. The month of January has been the longest month so far in terms of waiting for the next batch of referrals. I thought for sure another month was skipped, until I looked up the date for the last set of referrals. They came out on December 30th. I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a month yet.

At times my stomach feels like it is full of butterflies. There are moments of tears ~ for example the other night when Big Bear told me that he ordered three tickets for next years UK football games. He thought Polar Cub should have her own seat. TEARS!

Instead of looking at toy store catalogs like I did when I was waiting for Santa Claus, I am looking at baby gear sites. We went through tubs of baby things that we have collected over the last four years and put them away in Polar Cub’s drawers. We have even started our ‘going to China’ pile. I have been a cleaning fool. Right now our house is so clean, even my mom could drop by and it wouldn’t faze me.

Warning! A tangent! Speaking of cleaning I am on the hunt for the perfect steam mop. We have a tile in the kitchen that has so many tiny grooves. Even though the floor is clean for a house with three dogs, the thought of our baby crawling on that floor without getting deep down into those grooves gives me the heebe jeebies! I have the mop narrowed down to two, and hopefully by the weekend I will be the proud owner of one.

Unfortunately, I think these excited, frantic, anxious feelings are going to go on for longer than a few weeks like they did at Christmastime when we were younger. I think we will see a referral in March ~ maybe April. I wonder if we will be the first group to hit the 48 month mark? On one hand it is good to have the time, I have decided on a few projects that need to get done around the house before we go to China.

Years ago we waited for Santa Claus to come down the chimney.
Now we are waiting for the stork to land.


  1. I cannot believe that you are getting SO close! It has been a long time coming. I can see little Polar Cub at the UK game now. That was so sweet of Big Bear!

  2. You are so close!!! I can't even imagine how exciting that must feel.

    How sweet of Big Bear to get Polar Cub her own seat!!

    Finger and toes crossed for a big batch of referrals!!

  3. you are sooo close..
    Sooo excited..
    As for the steamer .. please let me know what you get.. our WHOLE house is tile.and I need to find something also..
    Have a great week...
    bring on the babies..

  4. Exciting times!!! You are so close girl...... I can't wait to see her sweet face:)



  5. I remember that feeling of anticapation when waiting for Tate too.... it was undiscribable!

    SO very excited for you guys. Soooo very close now!


  6. I'm so excited for y'all... just a little bit longer!

  7. I sure the anticipation doesn't take to much longer... I think of the commercial of the old days jingle waiting on the Heinz ketchup bottle.. ANTICIPATION...is making me wait...

    Looking forward with great anticipation for your special day to happen soon.!

  8. The suspense is making my heart race. Can't imagine what it's doing to yours.
    Keeping you in my prayers.

  9. Isn't it the most stressing thing ever! I feel your pain! Very soon, your days will be filled with a new sense of anxiety and craziness!

    ...waiting with you...

  10. it's the best kind of stress ever :O) i am SO happy to see you (well, watch you through the blog that is) GLOWING into this next chapter of your life. and can i say again... OMG... CANNOT WAIT to see that referral post?? can you believe how far we've come? i can still remember ... what? 3 years ago? that i started following your blog?

    and now the time is coming...

  11. I'm so excited for you!! I remember sooooo many nights that I would wake up in the middle of the night and check RQ...Hoping some news broke in Spain while I was sleeping!! What an exciting time and I'll tell you a little secret....It's soooooo much better than Christmas!!

  12. oH yes! This is the best feeling ever! The excitment, the excitment! Enjoy it your almost there!!!