January 8, 2010

Snow Day #4

Yes, we are on snow day number 4! Usually I would be over snow days at this point and ready to get back to school. I never like the thought of having to make up more than one or two snow days at the end of the year. Having this week has been a blessing in disguise, though.

On Monday my knee popped out of whack again. Every once and a while the meniscus in my knee will pop out of place. It takes a couple of days for it to right itself, and then a few more days for the pain to stop every time I take a step.

Things are looking up! This morning I didn't reach for the Adv*l bottle before anything else. Having the time off has been good, because the days would have been quite long at school on this knee.

Another reason I don't mind the snow days this year is because ~ do I dare say ~ I am hoping we are in China when it comes time to make up the days. Now that I have said it CC@@ will slow down even more and we won't travel until June or July, but a girl can dream.

It is supposed to be bitterly cold here this weekend. Right now it is a whopping 9F outside. Even Florida is getting hit with uncharacteristically cold weather. Stay warm out there!


  1. We are having a snow day as well! I am watching big, fat snowflakes fall down as we speak.

    Enjoy your day off. Glad to hear that knee is doing better :-)

  2. We are on snow day #2 here. I think we are off today because of the bitter cold. Lots of our kiddo's come to school by bus.
    Let's get that knee feeling better so you can dance all the way to China.
    Happy snow day.

  3. No snow days here in FL but we are COLD!!! Sorry to hear about your knee but glad it is on the mend!

    Stay warm girl!

  4. We've got the cold but no precip. I'm hoping you're in China on any make up days, too!! =)

  5. Cold here too, but only flurries. Nick was upset....he was hoping for at least one snowday!!

    Keep Warm!



  6. Ouch! Hope your knee feels better really soon.
    Yes, this weather is crazy. The weather man just forecast snow for tonight here, in Miami. I better not be asleep when it happens or Lily will NEVER forgive me.

  7. hey there love.
    just popping in to say, "wuz up!"

  8. Hope you travel soon..... maybe in 3 - 5 months! How exciting (yea, CC@@ better not slow down anymore!).
    Love seeing our bloggy friends in April 2006 finally at the head of the line!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy