September 21, 2010

A Hit... A Wow Moment... and A Just Because...

The Hit
Several months ago I read a post by K1 about Banana Bites that she made for her babies.  I was quite intrigued and have been wanting to make them for Nugget.

On Sunday I finally made the banana bites.  Nugget LOVED them.  He ate five of them for breakfast on Sunday.  On Monday I sent five for lunch at school, and he ate them all!

The idea is so clever, and so simple!  You take your favorite pancake recipe ~ I used the Vegan Pumpkin Pancake from the Weelicious website. Slice a banana and dip each slice in the pancake batter.  Cook.  Enjoy.
Cooking the Bites

Pumpkin Banana Bites
We gave Nugget the some maple syrup to dip the bites in, but he ate them plain.  Both of these recipes are a keeper!

The Wow Moment
Twice last week while cleaning out Nugget's backpack I found a surprise:
Nugget's first artwork!!  It may not be a Picaso, but it's priceless to me!!!

The Just Because
I couldn't do a post without a cute picture.  This was Nugget one day after school.  Two of his favorite things to do are to stand on this toy and to try and hold as many items as possible.

I was quite impressed with how many gears he had here.
It's all in the balance!

I know this is a hodge-podge post, but I couldn't decide whether to do one post or several.  You got one!


  1. I need to make those for the girls. I bet they would love them!

  2. I'm so pleased that you made them! I really should make them again for the twins. They didn't really love them the first time, but maybe now that they are a couple of months older, they will.
    Your son is so adorable!!!

  3. I think I'm going to try that recipe for Briana! I think she'll love it!

    Always love seeing your adorable boy!!!

  4. I need to try these again for Hannah. Pumpkin pancakes? Super yummo fall treat!

    Adorable pics. isn't it fun to see what our little ones try?

    Artwork from daycare....PRICELESS!!

  5. Nice little hodge podge post!

  6. Your son is getting so big. Can't believe how time is flying. I think I want to try the banana bites for myself. ;)