September 15, 2010

I'm One of Them, Too

I have yet again, done something that I didn’t think I would never do. I have become one of THOSE moms.
You know the mom who …

     · constantly wants to talk about her child.

     · is constantly thinking, worrying, and/or dreaming about her child.

     · has pictures ready at any hint of the question, “do you have a picture?"

     · may state on occasion that her child is a pain in the batooty, yet gets the mama bear claws out if anyone
       else DARES to speak negatively about said child.

    · stays up too late and gets up early so all the chores are done so every free moment can be spent with the
      most wonderful child.

    · no longer looks at shopping websites unless it’s: B@bies R U$, B@by G@p, Weeliciou$, or any other
      baby/toddler sites.

    · has not seen a movie at the theater with her husband, gone out to Starbucks with a friend, or been to a
      restaurant that doesn’t have a kids menu, because she would rather stay home with her child.

    · spends too much money on her child because it’s so much fun to buy for a that little person.

    · thinks that her child is the most brilliant, beautiful child on the planet – HECK! – in the entire universe!!

Yes, my friends, I have become one of those moms and I am dang proud to admit it! I love every moment of my new role. EVERY happy, giggle filled, smelly, drooly, snotty nose moment!!


  1. I knew you would be one of those moms all along ;-)

  2. Just knew you had it in ya'. Ain't it fun........

  3. LOL! Welcome to the club! Hee, hee! Funny post!

  4. Isn't it amazing how quickly he became the center of your very being? :)

  5. Is there anything else to talk about? I've lost all ability to hold an adult conversation and don't mind it in the least! We waited so long for this time mamma and I'm so glad to hear you're lovin' it and embracing it!

    Hey, if you ever want to brag, gloat, puff up with pride in your voice about your amazing little! I'll be happy to listen, celebrate with you and oh yah....brag, gloat and puff up with pride about my amazing little girl too!!!

    Love you! You're an awesome mommy and Nugget is blessed to call you Mom! xoxo

  6. Awww! I don't blame you for being that kind of mom! Your little man is ADORABLE! =)

  7. And it shouldn't be any other way.... :)