September 8, 2010

The First Post

Welcome to the new blog!!

Things have been crazy, busy for us ~ as it always is this time of year. That's why it has taken me so long to get the blog up and running. I am not sure if I am really happy with the new look, so it may change when I have time.

Going back to work has been HARD!! I miss being home with Nugget. Sadly this new transition has also been really hard for him. He has had a hard time adjusting to day care. I have so much to say about that I will give it a post of it's own. The first post on this blog should be happy - in my opinion.

The first week of August we took Nugget to the aquarium and the Cincinnati Zoo. Nugget loves fish. He LOVED the aquarium! It was so amazing to watch him gaze up at all of the fish. He'd grunt, smile, clap, and enjoyed every minute. Especially when we would walk through the tubes and fish were all around. It was such a fun day!

The zoo was not as successful. Partly because he was so tired. It was the first time we stayed in a hotel room since China. Nugget didn't sleep very well; neither did we. It was also difficult for him to see some of the animals. The only time Nugget showed any excitement was when we went into the Manatee House. There were large aquarium tanks in there. I'm telling you, my boy likes fish! :o)

Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Oh! How I love this face!

The Zoo:

Of course we had to see the polar bears!

I make no promises that I will post consistantly, but I hope to post. I would really like to keep a journal of our life as Nugget grows up. He changes so much each and every day.

I have decided that I not going to use names on this blog. This is not a private blog and in time I am sure looky-loos will find us. For that reason I am going to remain nameless.

I don't know how, but I started calling our boy Nugget several months ago. It's a good all around nickname. Usually at some point of the day he is called Turkey Nugget or Stinker Nugget, but most of the time it's just Nugget. So for the time being he'll be Nugget here too.


  1. The blog looks great so far. Can you even believe how much your life has changed now that you have a child? I rarely have any free-time except late at night, but then again I have no idea what I did before I had a child. I think I watched TV most of the time. :)

    I know what you mean about transitions. After being with the grandparent's since birth, it was hard for Claire too. She cried everytime I dropped her off for about the first 2 weeks or so. She recently moved up into the next classroom and started over with the crying. Finally this week she is doing better. It is so hard to drive away knowing that she was upset and I was not there for her. Just know that it will get better.

    Don't you just love nicknames?!:) We have Claire Bear, Care Bear, Turkey Head and just plain Turkey. Claire thinks her middle name is Bear since I use that so often.

    Take Care,

  2. YEAH! So nice to see you back! Your Nugget is the CUTEST! Man, he's gonna be a heart breaker! :-)

  3. So glad to be invited to follow along! Your son is super-cute!!

  4. I'm here! I'm liking the new diggs. :) Can't wait to follow along!

    Nugget is one adorable cutie!

  5. Oh, I'm so happy that you're back. I miss all the wonderful news about your family and how little Nugget is doing. Thanks for inviting me to keep up with you. What an adorable boy you have.

  6. I'm here too!!! What a sweet, sweet gift he is! So happy to be able to still follow along.

    That is one super cute nugget you've got!!

  7. hello... love your new blog - heck I didn't really look at the blog format I looked at the post. Nugget is a precious!!! look forward to following along

  8. Oh how adorable your Nugget is as he enjoys all the fishies.

    Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine how one little boy could change every teeny, tiny bit of life for you??? Everything is better and life is so much sweeter!

    Sorry to hear the intro to daycare is still rough. :o( Hopefully he will begin to settle soon.

  9. Just caught up on your first few posts, even though daycare is going less than smooth, your bonding will continue and stronger. Keep those hugs coming!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for TWO years!

  10. Hi, just catching up. Thanks for sending the heads up on your new site!

    Any plans for getting Nugget his very own fish to watch? ;)