November 21, 2010

The First Visit with Kris Kringle

Yesterday we were at the mall and the Jolly Elf himself was already there.  I thought Santa came the day after Thanksgiving, but I guess he is in a hurry these days to get the Christmas season started too.

The line to visit Mr. Kringle was really short so Big Bear and I jumped at the chance to introduce him to Nugget.  I always thought he would have one of those crying baby on Santa's lap photos, but not my brave boy!!  He looked at Santa and then at me, looked back at Santa then back at me.  Nugget sat for a few pictures and then waved good-bye to the grumpy ol' elf*.  He was a brave boy!

*This was not the real Santa.  This Santa didn't say two words to the kids.  He sat there like a lump of coal.  We are going to find a better Santa before the season is through.


  1. So very cute... your nugget, not the grumpy elf!!!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving love...

  2. Way to go Nugget! You sure do look adorable sitting on Santa's lap!

  3. Look how brave Nugget was! Way to go! Too bad the Santa was grumpy though. :(