October 3, 2011

Mid Autumn Harvest Festival ~ 2011

On September 12th we had a small Mid Autumn Harvest Festival party.  It's a Chinese celebration held every year on the 15th day of the eighth month according to the lunar calendar.  The festival coincides with what is supposed to be the largest and brightest full moon of the year.

In China it has become similar to our Thanksgiving.  Once I read that I knew this was one festival I wanted to celebrate every year.   There are a couple of Chinese celebrations that we plan to celebrate yearly with two other families who have adopted.  Our friends D & L have adopted from Taiwan, and our friends D & C are leaving on Tuesday for China to meet their sweet little girl, L.   We have decided that we will continue to celebrate until the kids say otherwise.  :o)

Z helping prepare the lanterns.

Here Z is helping me make our moon pumpkin cookies.
For the record, he doesn't usually sit on the counter.  

The best part of the evening was when C led a lantern parade around the house.
You can't tell in the picture, but these little lanterns light up.

Look at the moon!

The moon


  1. I love it! I reallllly need to do more celebrating of culture here...I have all intentions of doing it but then I don't...you've inspired me S!

  2. What a great celebration!! Isn't 2 wonderful? Love how 'helpful' the kiddos are...even if it might take twice as long to accomplish something.

    PS - Have been meaning to tell you how much I like your fall blog look!

  3. Wow, you are on a blogging streak! Love seeing all the pictures of Z. Thanks for the advice on dining, I had heard that the food @ the Lodge is not the best. I'll check out the restaurant you suggested.