October 1, 2011

Miscellaneous Pictures From August

I'm going to add a couple of different posts to catch up some of my favorite moments from the last few weeks.
Bear, Z, and Papa

Z with Tyler

This picture makes me giggle every time I look at it.  The look on Jordan's face is priceless.  You see, Jordan just got his driving permit and he was constantly asking me to drive.  :o)

Papa and Z.

Z and his new bike.  He still doesn't quite get the pedals yet.

One evening we were sitting out on the deck while Z was playing.  Suddenly we noticed that he had brought
 out and lined up all of his toys for a toy parade.  So cute!

My boys!


  1. Great pictures! I love that you love your family so much. Our two have tricycles but have no idea what to do with the pedals. The scoot along using their feel to push themselves. Sigh. We'll keep trying.

  2. Miss H is right along with Z, K & G. she has a trike but no idea how to use the pedals. A year from now we won't be able to catch any of them!!

    The little toy parade is so cute! We have them at our house too but they're made up of princesses, dolls and strollers. :o)

    We want a pic of mommy and her boy!!