October 2, 2011

Travel Group Reunion

Over Labor Day weekend the three of us traveled to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to meet up with some of our travel group.  It was so much fun to meet up with everyone and see how all of the babies have grown.  They truly aren't babies anymore.  They are all adorable busy, busy toddlers.

Here are some pictures from our trip:
Thank Heavens for the iPad during the long drive.
At dinner the first night Z was not appreciative  of all the attention.  I bet that changes in
a few years.  
We stayed at the Wilderness in the Smokies Lodge.  They have a wonderful area perfect for toddlers.
Chillin' in the pool.

We had a pool party celebration one day and the hotel provided this amazing cake!
Our travel guides in China had a cake for us in China with one of these candles.
It was so much fun when Diana pulled two out candles for the cake!

Our Travel Group ~ May, 2010
They were not very happy at this moment.
September, 2011
They are still not very happy with group pictures. 

The Dads


  1. 2 posts in 2 days? You go girl!!

    What fun to go to your travel reunion! Wow, where has the year gone? Time moves far too quickly right now and I wish it would just slow down!!

    Great pics of your reunion together and what fun that so many were able to attend.

    Our 2nd reunion is later this month and hopefully this year we'll be able to get pics. Last year they were just too busy and we have nothing but blurry pics!

    Congrats on celebrating this wonderful time with special friends.

  2. How fun that so many of you got together and great piccies. Z is getting so big, he's growing up so quickly.

    Maisie and I are heading to Wilderness in the Smokies this weekend as she has a gymnastics meet there on Saturday. Any advice regarding the place would be appreciated. We are staying in the building with the indoor water park and I know that they gymnasium is across the street near the other building but beyond that I know nothing!! We are looking forward though to heading up there.

  3. Oh how I long to get together with our travel group! We are so far spread out that it's going to take a miracle to make it happen...but I have faith! I love that you guys made the effort to make this happen for your kids...so awesome!