May 16, 2012

Family Day!

Two years ago today we became a family of three!

I will never forget that evening.  After a two hour meeting with our group, Bear and I had 15 minutes to run up to our room and prepare for the arrival of the babies.   Bear and I were told that we would be last to receive our baby, so we didn't exactly hurry.

Bear and I rode the elevator down to the third floor.  I was so nervous and excited.  Years and years of trying to create a family was about to come to an end and a new chapter of our lives was beginning.  Bear and I rounded the corner to the conference room where we saw two nannies sitting on the sofa with babies.  I almost instantly knew that Nugget was one of those babies. 

The next few minutes were wild and crazy.  Suddenly we were told to put everything down and get out our passports, our baby was here.  He was coming now!!  I handed someone a camera, scrambled for our paperwork all the while being pushed towards the door.  No time to take a breath - Boom - here is your baby, take him ~ take him, I heard.  I didn't want to rip him out of his nanny's arms.  He was crying so hard.  Some woman came over and took Nugget from the nanny and handed him to me. 

Nugget was crying, I was trying not to cry, it was all so surreal.  Bear led us to a quite section of the room.  He took Nugget and suddenly there was a little calm in Nugget.   A few minutes after this photo was taken Bear and I snuck out the side door and headed up to our room.  Even though Nugget did not have to travel far, his SWI was a couple miles from our hotel, he was exhausted.  Within the hour he was fast asleep in Daddy's arms. 

Our life as a family of three began...

Two {VERY FAST} years later:

Tickles and Giggles

What an amazing two years we have had.  This little boy brings so much joy to not only Bear and I, but also to our families.  I can not imagine what life would be like without him.  I don't want to!

For many years I was sad, frustrated, and angry because I didn't understand why everyone else in the world was able to have a family and we weren't.   I have learned that I need to have better faith.   I now know that there was a plan for us.  He is a smart, stubborn, funny, oppinionated little boy who completes my world.

Happy Family Day to all of us and to the 20 other families that were created that night!!!!



  1. it's been 2 years. really? It's that old annoying cliche, it seems like forever but at the same time, just yesterday.

    Happy family day. He just gets cuter and cuter-er.

    I remember those days of: why does everyone get to have a family except for us? They really stunk.
    Now we get to live our dream....every single day and it totally rocks!

  2. Happy Forever Family Day!!! 2 amazing years later and each day gets better and better!

    Oh how I remember waiting to see pics of you with your sweet Nugget in your arms! I think I about wore out the refresh button on my computer!

    So, so happy for you both now and then!!! A perfect day and now new days of discovery lie before you!

    Congrats friend!

  3. Happy Forever Family Day! Times certainly flies on this side of the wait!

    What a beautiful family you are!

  4. Happy 2 year family day, time sure does fly.