May 18, 2012

Reading in Bed

Tonight I was getting things ready for Nugget's bath. Usually he is helping me every step of the way, but tonight I was all alone. When I went to find him he was in bed reading his favorite book to his polar bears. The video quality is lousy, but I only had my iPad upstairs.


     -how he says 'honk honk'
     -that he counts the wheels with polar bear just like we do
     -the way he says 'Vroom Vroom'
     -how he knows the story so well

I used to get crazy when people didn't treat books like precious treasures.  Then my first cooperating teacher told me that a book that looks worn is a book that is loved.  This book is truly loved.

1 comment:

  1. Oh he is adorable. I love how he treats his Polar bear and how he grabs him and makes him look as he smooshes him across the page.
    I used to get jiggy about books too but now I love to see which ones are favourites by how loved they are.