March 5, 2010

A Brother...

… teases.

… ALWAYS thinks he is right.

… picks.

… steals the thunder of a first birthday by coming into the world the day before.

… continues to steal birthday glory by getting to celebrate the day before me, always.

… is there when you need advise on computers, cars, or raising parents.

… can understand when no one else does.

… cares.

… makes me laugh.

… knows how to make a really good mojito!

My brother hit a ‘bump in the road’ this week. He’s been on my mind a LOT. It’s going to be a rough road over the next few weeks, but knowing how hard-headed and stubborn he is I have total faith that he will fight back ~ kicking all of the way.

You’re in my prayers, Bub.

Love you!


  1. Prayers for your brother and hoping all will be ok.

  2. thank you for prayers everyone -
    I love your post! You do have a way with words. Except that part about parents.
    Seriously It made us smile thank you~

  3. He loves you too, though you'll probably never hear him say it ;) You've summed him up well. W.

  4. Sending prayers, positive thoughts and strength to your brother on his journey in the weeks ahead.

  5. i will pray for him :) love that pic!