March 31, 2010

Dear Mr. Stork:

Start flapping those wings!
No pit stops, breaks, or sight-seeing stops are necessary!!
Thank you!!

For a while today I had hopes that we would have stork sightings. No such luck! We'll continue waiting. At least now it's just a matter of days, and not months.

Thank you to my 'Angels' for all your support today. It was exciting!! Thank you everyone who has sent emails, texts, and FB notes. I feel very lucky to have so many friends and family waiting with us!


  1. :) I can't wait to see that stork fly over California on it's way to you!!!!

  2. I sooo cannot wait..
    I have been on my phone all day at
    Have a fast evening..

  3. I was already on RQ first thing this morning looking for news...Haven't done that in a very long time, but I'm just so excited for you!! Yesterday seemed like a bad April Fools joke (one day early). =(

  4. Fly stork! Fly!!
    Hope the next few days pass quickly for you! :)


  5. Come on stork! Drink your Red Bull and get over here!


  6. OK, Mr. Stork, here is the story.
    We know you have a little Polar Cub ready to fly. We cannot have any screwing around on this flight. Eat before you leave and get a good night sleep so you'll be rested. We will not tolerate anything else but a direct flight not a senic route.
    Now pick up your delivery and get here FAST!

  7. I keep searching the skies for storks. If I see him you'll be the first to know!!

    Can you believe it? Somewhere there is a file with your pictures and polar cubs pictures together!!
    Polar bumps!!!

  8. maybe the stork is just so high in the air, no one has spotted him yet :O) either way, she's coming!!