January 21, 2012

Bear Bear Needs a Change

A few weeks ago (you can tell by the Santa figure in the background, and no Santa is not there any longer)  any way, a few weeks ago someone in our house needed a diaper change.  I brought all of the changing material over to change Nugget.  The phone rang and when I came back this is what I saw:
Nugget decided it was Bear Bear who needed the change.

Unfortunately for Bear Bear Nugget still needs some pointers on which end the
diaper belongs.  HaHaHa!!
It was such a cute moment I just had to document it!
A Moment to Remember 

When I sat down to write this post Nugget climbed up on my lap.  We had just put in the Cars movie and he wanted to sit in my lap.  :o)  After a few minutes I moved him next to me so I could work on the computer.  He moved next to me, but he said, 'hand, Mama's hand'.  It absolutely melted my heart.  We sat holding hands and watching Cars for at least 20 minutes.  Then he had to go find his Mac truck.


  1. I love the hand holding. It just melts my heart.

    Don't worry, I know a few dad's who need a pointer as to which end to put the diaper. My girls daddy isn't one of them.

  2. Sweet, precious moments! Our kiddos sure know how to get us away for our computers, don't they!

    What a cutie your Nugget is! SO happy you're bloggin more!

  3. Nugget is so adorable. Jenny loves to put band-aides on her dolls and bears and it just cracks me up when I clean up at the end of the day only to find band-aide trash everywhere and dolls with band-aides all over them. :) Cute stuff!