January 16, 2012

Sweet Memories of a Sweet Treat

When we were in China everyone who 'had been there, done that' strongly suggested getting this cracker. They are a rice cracker with a sweet/salty taste that the babies are supposed to love.  We bought a package of the crackers at the Nanchang Walmart.

When we first met Nugget he didn't feed himself, and he only would eat congee, steamed eggs and his bottle.  He would eat Cheerios, but he couldn't feed them to himself.  Even though Nugget was nearly 13 months old, his fine motor skills were almost nonexistent.

We gave him one of these crackers, and he ate it all by himself.  I was so excited I took lots of pictures!

Can you believe how little he is here?
It amazes me how small he was!!
Unfortunately I only had a few of these crackers by the time we got home. I left a whole bag in the Guangzhou airport because I was rushing.

This weekend we all went to Lexington. We found an Asian market, Yeah!  I also found the crackers!  Double Yeah!!

Here is Nugget this morning eating one of the crackers.  My baby is getting too big!!

1 comment:

  1. Look how little he was!! I think we need to sit our kiddos down and give them a stern talking too about all this growing up they're doing right under our noses! At the rate the 2 of them are going they'll literally be right under our noses before we know it! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    What fun that you found those crackers and the Nugget still enjoys them! I'll be passing and Asian market later this week. Might need to look for those!