January 25, 2012

More Chinese New Year Fun

Monday Night

The year of the dragon is coming in with a bang at our house.  The first night we had a couple small gifts.    I know that the red envelope is traditional, but I saw this dragon and I wanted to get it for Nugget.  The book is the latest in the Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series.  We have a few other books from the series.  They are fun, colorful stories.

Nugget really liked the book, but the dragon - not so much.  He will only pick up the dragon by the tail with two fingers.   By far, Nugget's favorite thing was the gold (chocolate) coins.

Wednesday Night

We all love to get together with our friends.  Tonight we all met for our CNY dinner.

Baby L just turned one this week!
Happy Birthday, L!!

Miss C. and Nugget checking out the fish.  These pictures were so cute
I couldn't pick one.

A Moment to Remember

A sweet friend of ours sent Nugget a red envelope this week.  When Nugget opened it he was so excited.  The cutest moment was when he pulled a quarter out of the envelope and immediately tried to take a bite. I guess he figures all coins have chocolate inside.


  1. LOL! Cute moment! Glad you captured it here! Heh...there are some days I'm sure the coins with chocolate in them are more valuable than regular coins.

    What fun to celebrate CNY with special friends!

  2. I love that you guys celebrate CNY like you do. I think about it and all the things I want to do and then suddenly it's here and all I've done is put up the lanterns but forgot to call the family to come over for dinner....next year I keep telling myself! :)