January 13, 2012

Cars, Cars, and more Cars

It has been a quiet week, overall. Nugget and I stayed home on Monday because he had been sick all weekend. I was pretty sure he had a sinus infection, and Dr. T. confirmed it. After some antibiotics he is almost as good as new and ready for our long weekend.


Since Christmas our world has become overrun with cars.  Nugget is on the verge of being obsessed with cars.  He wakes up talking about cars, plays with cars, watches Cars, and goes to sleep talking about cars.
Just a few of our car collection.
Nugget got this blanket from his Uncle BR.  The first time
I spread it out for him, he was in Heaven.
At the mall Nugget likes to sit in this car more than playing
in the play area.  We can't turn on the car,
he just likes to sit in the 'red tar'.
Nugget loves to wear 'tars' to bed, too.

For Christmas Nugget received a Cars race track.  He Loves it!

He likes to share his joy with Tucker!  ;o)

Even when he gets presents that are not cars Nugget is thinking about
how he can use it with his cars.  He sure makes me smile.

I'm not sure if I should be worried about how obsessed he is with cars, or if this is normal for two and a half year old boys.  I do know that it makes him happy and that is fine with me.


  1. Sorry he had a sinus infection...urghhh, all these things they pick up make me crazy.

    NO, don't be worried. Lily was obsessed with the movie Nemo when it came out. It was the first movie she ever saw and she would wake up in the morning and her first words were, more Momo. Every.single.day.for.weeks.
    I was about ready to call in the big guns when she found a new love.
    He's all boy and a gorgeous one at that.

  2. I think it's oh so normal! Boys and their toys. I watched the video and thought, 'Sure am glad we didn't get the packages mixed up and Nugget unwrapped Hannah's fairy wings!' I'm not thinking your cars boy would be too impressed with fairy wings....unless they could make his car fly! :o)

    What a sweetie and it was such a treat to hear his voice! I thought he'd have more of a southern drawl (cuz ya know I don't have an accent eh?) like his mamma but not as much in these videos.

    What a total sweetie he is! Love to watch him think and play! The video where Daddy took the car off and set it aside made me giggle as nugget had to straighten the car up before continuing with play.

    Oh friend! Nugget is adorable!!