January 19, 2012

Stepping Back, WAY Back...

I have made the executive decision to step away from Face Book. I am not comfortable with all of the changes that are constantly being made over there. There are too many stories of hackers and other troublemakers floating around. The thought of putting Nugget's pictures out there for potential trouble is something I am not comfortable with.

As of right now I have not completely closed my Face Book.  I have put up every protective lock down I can find on my FB page.  I will keep it open to receive messages from our Nanchang travel group, a local adoption group, and it is nice to check in with my relatives from time to time who live all over the country. 

If it weren't for those few things I can honestly say that I wouldn't miss pulling the plug all together on Face Book.   Although I have enjoyed reading most posts, and I have learned from a lot from others, there are some posts that just irritate me.  Irritated in the fact that I'm sitting wasting my time reading about things that won't make one iota of a difference in my life.  I would much rather spend that time making 'bubble tars'* with Nugget.

Therefore I will be posting my mindless-trivial-nonsense banter here on my blog.  Not really, but I will put pictures here that I use to put up on FB.  I will probably post things that won't affect anyone in their daily lives, but it will be a moment worth remembering in our lives.  Plus, I mean really, I have to have some place to show off my handsome, beautiful, perfect little man.   Wow!!  I feel so liberated.  I can say that here on my blog, and I am not worried about what the 'masses' with think.  It's my blog and I feel much more free to speak my mind here, also I don't have a massive following.  ;o)

Reading a book before bed.

*bubble tars = a car wash made out of any stacking material.


  1. You have lurkers like me though!
    I don't blame you. I trimmed my facebook back to the bare walls.

  2. Interesting. I just recently deleted ALL of the pictures I had put on FB of the kids. Not sure how much longer I'll be on there, either. Something about it feels risky.
    Your boy is as cute as ever.

  3. Glad you're posting here as I rarely read FB and on the blogs people write about things with the pictures so much more interesting. Looking forward to seeing more piccies and reading more stories about Nugget.

  4. Yea. Glad your back to the blogging world. Never did get the urge to do Facebook. In fact, we have had 2 workshops at school given by the district attorney with lots of warnings. So glad I can watch your young man grow and read your blog. Thanks!

  5. Bring on all the fun, little things, big things and tidbits of info about your perfect, amazing, wonderful son!!!

  6. We love mindless trivial daily going-ons! We post everything on our blog too so it is made into a family book. Keep writing and posting! Facebook is way over rated!

    Alyzabeth;s Mommy

  7. Good for you!!! I SO need to step back..WAY back from FB. It has become such a tool for my family around the world to communicate and I've just gotten too immersed in it. I wish it hadn't become that "important" to me...I need to take your inspiration and just back off. :)