December 23, 2009

Baking - Day Two

Sugar Cookies
The recipe I use, and will ALWAYS use, for sugar cookies was my grandma's recipe. Every holiday she would pull out a huge Tupperware cake carrying container that she'd turn upside down to hold lots of cookies. My dad would always tease her about pulling out the same cookies from the freezer every year. Yet, we always knew she baked and baked for the holiday.

I started rolling these out late last night. I looked at my bag of Christmas cookie cutters and the only one I wanted to use was the star. My grandma had one exactly like it. I guess I was feeling a little nostalgic last night. I ended making all stars. Maybe next year I'll go back to the Santa Claus and Christmas tree cookie cutters. This year stars seem to be appropriate.

Big Bear and I had these treats a couple of years ago at a friend's house. I looked up the recipe on-line and made them last year for the first time. These are the easiest candies to make, yet they seem to disappear the fastest of all the candies. Last year I received more compliments on these than any other cookies. I wouldn't give out the recipe because I'm embarrassed to tell how simple, but what the heck ~ it's Christmas. I put the recipe for Snowballs at the bottom of this post.

Sonja Hennies
These cookies are another family tradition. Many call them thumbprints, but I have always known them as Sonja Hennies, not sure why. The picture is misleading. There is only 1/8 of a teaspoon of jelly, yet in the picture it looks like so much more. My mom always made these using grape, strawberry, and apricot jelly. I used to buy a jar of apricot jelly, but it always went to waste and I would end up throwing it away just to buy a fresh jar the following Christmas. Now I make strawberry and blackberry. (sorry Mom)

Peanut Butter Balls
I remember when I was in high school a lady brought these peanut butter balls to a Christmas party my mom and dad had. Everyone loved them, and my mom asked for the recipe. Peanut Butter Balls have become a tradition ever since. These are my brother's all time favorite, so I will always make them for him. They are a pain to make, but it fits because he has always been a pain, too!
(Love ya, Bub!!)

Peanut Butter Blossoms
I remember my Aunt Sue making these way back when. I have been making them for years since. There is nothing better than chocolate and peanut butter! :o)

Spiced Pecans
A friend of mine from Chicago made these pecans and they are the BEST!!!! I usually make several pounds a year. I make a pound for my family and a pound for Big Bear's family. Usually Big Bear takes at least a pound to work. I made these last night for his Christmas lunch at the bank today. I'll make more in the morning. I love to make them on Christmas Eve morning. They make the house smell so good.

1 16oz package Oreo cookies
1 80z package cream cheese, softened
1 120z bag white chocolate chips

Using a food processor crush Oreo cookies.
Mix in cream cheese.
Roll mixture into balls.
Refrigerate until firm.

Melt white chocolate chips in a double boiler
Dip balls into chocolate.

I told you they were ridiculously easy! I drizzle the chocolate over them, that is the most fun part of the entire process!!

My heart is just not into Christmas this year. I didn't want to make any cookies this year. I am not making nearly the variety that I usually do. Now though, I am glad I made the cookies I did. They are tradition, they are family, they are love. Love that has been passed down from my grandma, my aunt, my mom, and one day will be passed down to Polar Cub ~ whether she likes it or not. :o)


  1. wow! Those look amazing!
    I wish we baked like that (we are using a package mix lol)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  2. They're matching April! It's gonna be a great year!
    P.S. Those cookies look amazing!

  3. Please can you adopt me. I need to live in your house. Those cookies look divine.
    I have cookie envy!
    Merry Christmas.

  4. You are AMAZING..
    I sooo love all of your recipes..

  5. I am so HUNGRY now! These cookies look absolutely amazing. I am trying not to lick the screen. ;)