December 2, 2009

This Just In...

The rumors are flying that CC@@ has sent out referrals and that they have finished March!! This is HUGE news!!!

If this rumor is true then there are only seven 'referral' days ahead of us! SEVEN!!! (I'm not counting the two weekends.) That could mean a February or March referral!!! I'm hoping for February, but as we all know never hope when it comes to the wait.

As soon as I know for sure I will check off more of those calendar days!!! Woooo Hooooooo!!
Congratulations to my friend Kaycee and her family!!! They will get to see their daughter's picture soon!!!!


  1. YEA...
    Sooo happy for you..

  2. So so close!!!! Yeehaw! You are almost there!

  3. WhooooHoooooo is right! What a ride this has been and I will continue to stay on the ride with YOU! You're almost there my friend!!! Trust me when I say it's worth it! All worth it! Thanks for the love and support!!!