December 13, 2009

Late Night Surfing...

...only leads to trouble!

Look what I found:
Wouldn't this be just perfect for Polar Cub?!?!

It isn't a necessity,
but it's so cute!
It is pricey,
but wouldn't it be FUN!!!

Oh! How I wish Santa could deliver this to our house on Christmas Eve!!


  1. Oh so cute!! I'd be sending a quick note off to Santa for sure! Polar Cub would look adorable riding that!!

  2. Very CUTE..
    LOVE IT.. there are somethings that are a little bit more expensive .. that we just don't need.. but sooo want ...
    And I am thinking that Polar Cub would LOVE to be riding on that cute little bear...

  3. How ADORABLE!!!...and unique! I've never seen a rocking polar bear! I think your little one DEFINITELY needs that for her room!

  4. soooooooooo necessary. how can you say that's not necessary???? ADORABLE. hope it finds its way under (or next to!) your tree!!

  5. Oh gosh. I love that. What fun!

  6. It is CUTE! I say it is a must-have ;-)

  7. Hey you've waited a long time... some things you should just be able to justify. That polar dude is totally necessary. LOL!