December 1, 2009

Not My Cup of Tea

In this post I told you about the “Winter Meltdown” the YMCA was offering. I was nervous, but excited about attending. I have needed something to ‘click on my switch’ to lose weight.

Unfortunately, this program is not for me. The people have all been really nice, and I did learn a few things, but - as I feared - I am the only one with a significant amount of weight to lose. Everyone there is mainly doing the program so they don’t gain weight over the holidays.

Because of this I think the program is much more lax than I was hoping it would be. I don’t mean to whine, but we were told that we would weigh in private. Nope, they weigh everyone right in the front of the group. Yes, that’s fine if you have 20-30 pounds to lose, but it is just too difficult for me.

My Type A personality would have lists and charts to keep everything in order. After getting on the scale they would write it down on the back of a sheet of paper. Everyone’s weight was listed on the back of a different sheet of paper. How in the world are they going to keep track properly? Am I being too critical?

On the good side, my ‘switch’ has clicked back on thanks to joining the “Meltdown”. Other than the excessive amount of martinis my sister-in-law and I consumed on Thanksgiving I did pretty well while Big Bear and I were in Chicago. ;o) Also, thanks to the Y, I have tried several of the toning classes they offer and a ZUMBA class. After I got over the feeling of having two left feet during the ZUMBA class I really enjoyed it and plan on attending more classes.

Even though I won’t be attending the “Meltdown” meetings I still plan to Meltdown. I have been working on adding variety to my clean-eating meals. I have increased my distance during my walks already. Good things are happening and instead of getting the cheers at the Y, I am going to bore you with it here. :o)


  1. Yikes!! I wouldn't want to get weighed in front of anyone. Ever.

    At least you tried - that's more than a lot of people can say.

    Hang in there, go at your own pace and don't get discouraged. I'll be here to cheer you on for every ounce that you lose!

  2. I would have TOTALLY been out of there too! You made the right decision. Do what works for you!

  3. Cheering for you here friend....cheering for you! Sorry the 'Meltdown' didn't work but I totally understand you not wanting to be weighed in front of other people. It's such a private matter.

    Soon (spring?!!!) you will be doing the Baby Meltdown and may I share with you that it is a wonderful way to lose! You see, baby is self programmed to need you just as you're ready to sit down to dine. Add to that unknown concoctions offered by the local cuisine; mucho carrying of Polar Cub in Snugglie/Ergo/Bjorn and just lovin' being with her rather than eating and it can be a great way to shed a few.

    I must warn you though that upon return to your home, the snacking temptations will abound. Sometimes I succeed in avoiding them. Other times, not so much but....the Polar Cub diet will rock and hopefully it rocks this spring!!