December 22, 2009

Busy Baking - Day One

As usual, I didn't finish everything I wanted to yesterday. There are just never enough hours in the day. I did get these cookies done and packed away

If you like dark chocolate Midnights are amazing. They are a pain to make, but so good with a hot cup of black tea!

Ricotta Cookies
I borrowed this recipe from Lisa last year. My nephew LOVED them so much he wanted me to make another batch the day after Christmas last year.

Chocolate Chip
I know these don't look like the typical chocolate chip cookie, but they are good. These are the only cookie Big Bear asked for this year.

Cherry Winks
These cookies have been on our families' Christmas table for as long as I can remember. My grandma and then my mom made them. These are my favorite of all!

I also made the peanut butter balls and snowballs, both of which I need to dip in chocolate today. I made the dough for sugar cookies and for Sonja Hennies. I have more to do today, so I better get moving. The chocolate should be melted so I'm off to dip snowballs!


  1. I wish I was at your house so we could bake together, but that would mean crossing the border into KY and that can be dangerous ;-)

  2. LOL.....I was wondering when you were starting your cookie extravaganza!!!

  3. OMW... OMW..
    you are amazing..
    Love it..
    I need recipes..
    I lost all my recipes awhile back and then I jsut got a new recipe box and did a recipe swap with some ladies..
    If you ever have a free moment I would love to have some recipes of yours.. if you could I would love it..
    you are amazing..