December 27, 2009

Boy! What a Christmas!!

Christmas 2009 will definitely go down in the memory books as one of the strangest Christmases we’ve had in the eight years we’ve been married. I’ll try to give the short version recap.

Three Weeks Before Christmas

Big Bear and I just couldn’t get up the gumption to put up any decorations. We didn’t want to put up a tree. We didn’t feel like pulling out any of the Christmas decorations. Nothing.

Finally we decided to get some wreaths for outside. We also decorated the light pole with a string of lit garland. We figured this way we didn’t look like total Scrooges. Of course the neighbors on both sides of us put out HUGE holiday displays this year.

Christmas Week

Santa came early to our house. First he stopped by with this for Polar Cub:

At first I had a bit of buyer’s remorse while waiting for ‘Chilly’ to arrive, but after opening the box and seeing just how adorable he is, I am so happy Santa delivered him! Look how much my nephew enjoys him too:

Christmas Eve

Big Bear and I always celebrate Christmas Eve with my side of the family. My brother and my nephews usually come in from Chicago. We go over to my parents' and have a wonderful dinner.

This year Big Bear had been fighting a nasty cold all week, and it hit hard on Christmas Eve. He felt so awful that he even tried to get into a doctor, with no luck. So, sadly he didn’t go to my parents. It just wasn’t the same with out him. We had a nice time, but I left pretty soon after dinner.

Christmas Day

Big Bear’s mom makes a big breakfast on Christmas morning. Then we all sit around the tree and pass around gifts. It is fun.

This year Big Bear’s brother –who spends the night at my in-laws with his girls every Christmas Eve – woke up with a horrible case of the flu. My mother-in-law called and told us early Christmas morning. She said she wasn’t going to cook, but we could still come if we wanted to. Both Big Bear and I decided that it would not be a good idea since he had such a cold. He didn’t need the flu, too.

Big Bear did feel better by the afternoon, so we went over to my mom’s for surf and turf. I can’t talk about the turf, but the surf was oh so good!

Day After Christmas

Big Bear’s mom called and wanted to make breakfast. Big Bear and I picked up my nephews and we all went out to the farm. It was a lot of fun. We spent the day with my nephews, Frog face and Turtle nose. We played games back at our house, went to the mall, and had a wonderful day! It was the best day of the entire week!

Here is Frog Face pushing Turtle Nose on the tire swing out at the farm

Such a crazy mixed up Christmas could be karma for not decorating and not feeling any Christmas spirit this year. It could be because Big Bear was so sick, and I was fighting it off all week. In my heart, though, I think it is because we are both so ready for the next chapter in our lives. There have been too many years spent dreaming of Christmas morning with a little one in this house. I feel that deep down we just wanted to get past this holiday because the next big event for us – God willing – will be our referral! Hopefully we will get it before Easter.


  1. WOW.. you have had a crazy Christmas..
    But just think of next Christmas.. it will be TRULY MAGICAL...
    love the polar bear it is TOOOO CUTE>.
    Glad you decided to get it..
    Have a wonderful Sunday and hopefully 2010 will bring home TONS of babies ... and Polar Cub will be here before Easter..

  2. I felt the same way about the holidays this year. I just didn't have it in me this time around. Sorry to hear about all the sickness. Hope everyone is on the mend.

    Glad you got the polar rocker. So very cute! Your polar bear collection looks like my penguin collection. A whole lot of them! LOL!

  3. The rocker - so adorable!!!

    Next year will be amazing with polar cub - I just know it. :)

  4. I have just the perfect ribbon to adorn that polar rocker's neck. I will have to get it to'll understand when you see it.

    Yes, this will be your last Christmas without a little one flipping a quick glance over her shoulder to say "Cheese" at the camera as she's ripping into things. It IS so worth the wait...seems trite to say but you, too, will say it, my friend!

    Much love....C&C

  5. Oh friend! This truly was your last Christmas without Polar Cub and next year will be better than you can even imagine!!! She will be home in 2010 and your hearts will be full to overflowing with the love you feel for her!

    Cute video of your nephew with the great riding polar bear! He's a hoot and oh so creative!

    Sorry for the sickness...yuck!! Hope all are better now and that you don't catch it.

    Love you friend. xoxo

  6. Oh, I am so sorry about Big Bear... my husband was sick over the holidays, too. Love Chilly, though! You won't regret it - sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and get something to put in those rooms. It helps make things more real. AND you will cherish it when she does come home. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Forgot to say...


  8. Pooh! I had to swap my blogga id's (as I was in as my scrapbooking one!) and lost my big long comment! So I'll try and remember what I said...

    AMEN SISTA! Sooooooo ready to move on to the next chapter?!!

    You weren't the only scrooges this year - we didn't put up any decs either, as we were on holidays from 12/12- 12/28, so weren't even home for Christmas Day!!! Was wonderful to have no plans at all!!! We swam in the lovely warm pool all day!!!

    Sorry to hear BB was unwell, hope he's all good now!