April 23, 2011

Early Easter Egg Hunt

The day after our 'Momo' party Bear, Nugget and I headed out to Pop & Nannan's farm.  The family was there to celebrate Miss C's birthday and there was an early Easter egg hunt for the kids.  It was Nuggets first egg hunt, and he had a blast!!!

Patiently waiting for the fun to begin.

The hunt begins...
Doesn't he look so big?

Found one!!!

The Girls

Meeting up with the girls...
...but going hunting with G.
Daddy, we need to go this way!

Taking a break to visit Woody and Galaxy.
Back to work...
Looking with Uncle Buh.

Found Another One

After all of the eggs were found we went inside for a little birthday celebration for C.
One of them is not like the others.  
Nugget is too busy tearing up the tissue paper into little tiny pieces
to notice any party festivities!

I am glad we had the egg hunt last weekend.  The weather is not very promising for a good egg hunt on Easter.


  1. Very fun, isn't it great experiencing life with your child.

  2. I glanced at the pictures at the headding of your blog before I read your post. The pic of Daddy and Nugget in China caught my attention - just a year ago in the arms of his daddy for the first time. Then I looked at the pictures of Nugget hunting Easter eggs and was just amazed at how big he was. Such a beautiful sight.

  3. Your sweet little guy looks so big! What fun to watch him look for eggs. Sure didn't take long for him to catch on to what was going on! What a beautiful spot for egg hunting! Wow! Gorgeous!

    Happy Easter dear friends!