April 12, 2011

Hanging Around the House

During spring break last week Bear, Nugget and I spent a lot of time at home.   These are some pictures from our time at home.

The Tunnel
Nugget enjoys playing in this tunnel.  He will often bring toys and books into the tunnel.

Taking a break...
LOVE that smile!

First Thing in the Morning

'Mom, what's for breakfast?'
I don't see anything good.
Guess I'll read the news while I wait.

Big Toes, Little Toes
I looked up and saw this one day.
This was the full picture.

In my mind this is what I saw.
Aren't those the cutest toes?!?


  1. Sweet time with your boy(s). Nice that you had a good week with your little cutie toes.

  2. Plump little baby feet are my favorite!

  3. Precious pics of little toes!

    Isn't it wonderful when the definition of a great week is just hanging out with your family doing everyday things? Glad you enjoyed your spring break with Polar Cub.

  4. Love all of the pictures! Such a sweetie he is :)