April 21, 2011

Nugget's 'Momo' Birthday Party

Last Saturday we had Nugget's birthday party.   I will let the pictures tell the story.
Yes, I know his name is in some of the photos.  I decided
to let it be free for this post.

The food table centerpiece.
I ordered from Maddy Lu's on Etsy

Balloon wreath I made for the front door.
I saw this on Our Best Bites and had to make it.

For our second front door I ordered a sign from Maddy Lu's
Goodie Bags


Water bottle labels also from Maddy Lu's
Two of Nugget's cousins having a snack
The dessert table

Nugget and his favorite bud G
A Rainbow Cake
Mmmmmm....  He LOVES the cake!

Having fun with Uncle Buh

The party is over and now I can play with the balloons!

The party was so much fun!  I can't wait for next years!!


  1. thank you for sharing the fun again! Can we have more cake? :)

  2. What a beautiful party, every detail, and I can't believe I heard from you...just last week I tried my link for you after so long only to get a private only...SO glad to be back in touch and see all the beautiful things going on with you!!

  3. My goodness what an awesome party! I especially love the rainbow cake. Did you make that? I want you to make my next birthday party. Happy 2nd birthday Nugget.

  4. What a great party; I love all the details! Good job, mama!

  5. What a fun birthday shared with so many special people! Great decorations and a fun theme. I think I see a trip to Sesame Place in your future! Hey - maybe we could meet there!!

    Beautiful cake. Have never seen a rainbow cake. What fun!

    Happy birthday little guy!!

  6. i have missed out on too much my friend. i cannot believe he is 2 already! looks like the party was so much fun and you went all out. i LOVE that cake!!!! it's the bomb!

    happy belated bday to your boy!

  7. Super birthday fun!! Happy B-day again to Z!!

    Keep smilin!