April 26, 2011

Easter, 2011

Easter was the BEST!!  I enjoyed every minute!  It started on Saturday when we decorated some eggs.  I colored the eggs while Nugget took a nap.  When he woke up we got busy adding the Elmo stickers.

Easter Sunday
The Easter Bunny left an Easter Baseball
Looking for eggs left by the Easter Bunny
Nugget loved the grass more than the goodies!

Easter Brunch
After brunch Nugget could visit with the Easter Bunny.

If I don't look, maybe this won't be real...
...nope, it's real!
If I force a smile maybe I can get off.
Why are you still here?
A quick smile and I'm out of here.

Nugget's First Lamb Cake

Will they notice if I take just a little nibble?


  1. I love your lamb cake..too cute. The pictures on the Easter Bunny lap are to cute even if that is one of the funnest bunnies I have seen..He is just adorable!!!

  2. the commentary is a hoot! Glad to see nugget enjoyed the bunny...at least a little. Your little man is so precious!

    Lamb cake is adorable! Is this a family tradition?

  3. Love that Easter basket! :) The lamb cake is so sweet...no pun intended! :) Looks like Easter was fabulous!! I really wish we'd done an egg hunt but for some reason I thought Jenny would be too young...OH man I think I was wrong!