October 3, 2008

A Fun Evening

Question: Where can you hear questions such as:

Wanna tater Lynn?
AvaJoy you gonna eat some fried tater?

Answer: At the Milton, WV Pumpkin Festival!

Big Bear (BB) and I went over to the festival last night. We had a blast! Yes, we ate 'fried tater', too. We walked around the craft booths, people watched while we ate fried taters and he ate fried catfish. We tried pumpkin butter, apple butter, and of course I had some pumpkin pie. There were pumpkin donuts, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin fudge, anything you could think of in pumpkin flavor. We saw the Pumpkin Queen and her court, as well as the Junior Lil’ Miss Pumpkin walking around the fair. There were hay rides, a local country band, and a largest pumpkin contest. I had so much fun, I enjoy anything pumpkin.

While walking around BB said, “I guess next year ;) will be here with us. She’ll like this. I think we’ll make this a tradition.” My heart just smiled. It will be so much fun to share things like this with her.

Sometimes I miss the city, but then we have moments like last night, and I realize I LOVE small town life too. You don’t find this kind of festival in Chicago. :) I can’t wait until next year!!!

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