October 23, 2008

A Loss...

Today I was informed of the death of a former student. Over the years of my teaching career there have been students who have died, but I never knew any of them personally, until now.

Nicole and I both started here at the same time. She was a freshman and I was 'the new teacher from Chicago'. She was in my class for four years, and what fun we had. Nicole was a funny, smart, opinionated young woman. She was wheelchair bound all of her life, but she NEVER let that stop her. Nicole joined in several clubs, never missed a football or basketball game, and was the bell of her senior prom. I'll never forget how she would yell down the hallway, "Hey! Mrs. R!" every time she saw me.

Nicole graduated in 2005. She did go on to college, but I hadn't heard from her in the last year. It is so very sad she is gone. Although, I bet she danced right through those gates with her unforgettable smile, slapping St. Peter on the back as she passed by ~ that's Nicole! :)


  1. Hi Stacy,

    Just wanted to stop over to say hello and thanks for visiting my blog.

    So sorry to hear about your former student....she sounded like a wonderful girl!

    Just checked out your LID...we are exactly one month apart....this is taking forever....anytime now would be nice...wouldn't it??

    Hang in there and I will be back soon!


  2. That is sad! I have never lost a student yet, but know it is certainly a possibility.