October 20, 2008

Updates From Here...

I really don’t have anything earth shatteringly important to post about, so I thought I would try one of the random thought bullet posts and see what pops into my head. This could be scary, but here it goes:

*Last week was fall break. I spent most of the week cleaning and organizing
our house. The only thing I didn’t get accomplished was the basement.
I hate cleaning the basement. That is first thing on the list for the next

*Big Bear and I spent one evening last week cleaning out and organizing the room that will be the nursery. Over the past two years it has become a junk room. Everything we didn’t know what to do with was put in that room. We had scuba gear, luggage, TWO TV boxes, old Christmas wrapping paraphernalia, sleeping bags and air mattresses, PLUS all of the ‘baby’ stuff we have acquired over the past 36 months - all stuffed into that room. Now everything is in its rightful home. Baby things are in tubs, and the room is ready to be painted.

*I miss Pug Mama and Hedda!!! I haven’t seen them since July, and that is too DANG long! Something has to happen soon or I will go through serious withdrawal issues, then an intervention will be necessary. It will get ugly. So GIRLS!!!!! WHEN?!?!

BFF Fun in NY

*Last spring I began to tear down the “Countdown to China” bulletin board that is up in my classroom. I was amazed by the number of kids that wanted me to leave it up. I guess they are more interested than I thought. I did take down the pictures, but I left the calendar up. I have to be observed in a few weeks, so I thought I better get something up soon. Well, this is what I came up with.

The kids LOVE all of the new pictures. Plus it makes me happy to see so
many cute little faces every day. Can you see I left LOTS of room for new
referrals that will be coming SOON!!

*I haven’t been swimming in three weeks. I miss it, but I am not missing getting up at 4am. I know I need to get back in the pool, my jeans are starting to tell me as much, but it is so nice to be able to sleep until 5:30. I did get out and hit the pavement this morning – walking. Hopefully this will lead me back to the pool. My knees can’t handle too many miles before they hurt – then I will definitely be back in the pool.

Well, that is about all I can think of for now. Actually I had more to say than I thought. :)

Until next time...

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