October 28, 2008

'Cold' War

I will admit I have a competitive nature. I am pretty sure that it comes from growing up with three brothers ~ one of which is less than a year younger than I am. This competitive streak that I have - often times - is a good thing. Other times it can get me into situations that are less than comfortable. At home right now I am in one of those ‘less than comfortable’ situations.

A few weeks ago Big Bear and I were talking about turning on the heat. I mentioned that we didn’t need it yet, the days were still up in the upper 70’s. One thing led to another and suddenly we started claiming who would need to turn on the heat first. I said things like, “I’m from Chicago, I’m used to the cold.” Or “I’m used to bundling up for cold weather.” His only line was, “I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Well, for the last few weeks this banter has been going back and forth. This past week we have both started using psychological ‘suggestions’ to make the other want to turn on the heat, or little devilish things to make the other want to turn on the heat. I will admit, I even stooped so low as to use almost all of the hot water yesterday morning thinking that will make him turn on the heat. No such luck!

Until now this has been a fun little battle between the two of us. I have really rather enjoyed the banter that we have had about it all. This morning, though, when I woke up it was 59 degrees in our house I decided it is time to change my tactics!! When it is that cold it is NOT fun. I usually get up before him and it was MISERABLE this morning. While I was making my breakfast and lunch for today I turned on the oven. (Don’t tell him!) I was able to raise the temperature to 60 degrees in the kitchen, but it wasn’t enough. Today the temperature outside is not supposed to get above 45 degrees. It is supposed to get down in the 20’s tonight. Yikes!! Our little battle has just become a WAR!

We have said that we will call a truce when it gets cold enough for the pipes to freeze – when does that happen? So, should I cave and turn on the heat? You know that will mean I will have to hear about it for weeks. Do you have any tactics I can use in this little war? I would love to hear any ideas, before I freeze to death.

I’ll keep you posted on the Cold War in Kentucky.


  1. I am cracking up!!! We used to keep our house this cold but then Annslee came along..of course she is sooo hot natured she could actually handle it. I don't know what to tell you...hmmmmmm.... maybe in the middle of the night take all the covers or put an ice pack on his side of the bed LOL

    Oh, I used to open my oven door after cooking to "not waste the heat" but then I read somewhere about not doing that b/c of carbon monoxide or something so be careful...

    Keep us posted...I am like you, I couldn't stand to listen to it for weeks after if I lost!

  2. This is hilarious....and yes, it is probably going to have to come to an end quickly....the temps are dropping super fast! I am sitting at my desk watching a mix of rain and snow fall to the ground....winter is upon us!

    This is tough one.....other than hide all of his warm clothes....I have no tricks up my sleeve.....it might be time to call a truce....keep us posted!!

  3. You could open the bathroom window after you are done in there, to make it extra chilly before he has to take a shower. Hide all his sox. Does he drink coffee? You could "run out" of coffee.
    This is fun!!!
    I hate when they win, too!!

  4. LOL
    Buy a sweet little "red thing" and sit it on the end of the bed and when he comes home and sees it ....he"ll be like. "Wasup with the little red hanky there Polar Bear Mama?"
    then you blink at him with big bad eyes and say :Sorry HunnyBear...it's too for that....hope the skido suit turnes you on!!!!"
    LOL! One quick conversations between the sheets and my hunny would have that heat cranked!

  5. Ohhhh SP don't let him win!!! LOL!

    Some nice red wine will keep ya warm or at least make you not care!!!
    I like Debz idea too!!! funny stuff...

  6. That is too funny. I am somewhat of a princess and don't like to be too cold(or hot, for that matter), so I would totally cave and turn on the heat. It is so weird to me to read other blogs where it is that cold. We're still in the 90's every day here and I'm ready for a little cooler "Fall-ish" weather.

  7. LOL!! I'm so NOT competative! Bring on that heat!!!

  8. Oh go on and turn the heater on girlie!!! It takes a bigger person to admit when they have been defeated, so turn it on....no frozen toes!!!! lolol


    ps looking forward to learning more about you,,I got your blog off of another!

  9. Tooo funny..
    I will let you know.. we don't turn on the heat at all.. I tell them to put more clothes on..
    I know we live in Arizona.. it doesn't get cold.. but it does for us..
    Have a Great Week..

  10. sucka ------whacha doing over here???
    My goodness, get sick, stay off the computer, and you up and move out on me!
    My head is too foggy right now - gonna have to read back and see what's the deal-e-o

  11. ok, I just went back and read this post and I want to know ONE thing....
    YOU not turn the heat on????
    The very same woman who is ALWAYS the one FREEZING when we have our sleepovers?????????????????
    Ohhhhhh, I can't wait for Head to read this crock!
    My idea to get Papa Bear to crack first - give him the look you use when he knows he will get a little sumptin'- sumptin'.
    Getting naked will equal turning the heat on.
    My work is done here.
    You can thank me later.

  12. I'm in Chicago, and it's been very cold here. We even had a tiny bit of snow the other day, no kidding! Enjoy your 70 degree days in Kentucky.