January 2, 2009

Christmas Cookies 2008

Christmas cookies have always been my thing.  I have been baking the Christmas cookies for my family since I was a sophomore in high school.  In my younger days I would bake all night the two days before Christmas Eve.  I can't do that any more.  Now I take the four days before Christmas Eve and bake all day.  I love to turn up the Christmas music and bake away. This year I had some help from my nephew.  It was so much fun.  I can't wait to do this with polar cub in a few years.  

I lay out the ingredients on the dining room table. This does not include all of the refrigerator items: three dozen eggs, four pounds of butter, ricotta cheese, and a pound of cream cheese.

Peanut Butter Balls have been on our family cookie tray since I was in high school.  They are always a family favorite.  This is always the first Christmas treat I make.  Friends from Ohio call them buckeyes, but to us Illinoisans they will always be Peanut Butter Balls.  :)

My nephew Turtle-nose helped me decorate sugar cookies on Christmas Eve.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  All the baking was finished, we had the Christmas music cranked up, it was pouring the rain outside, and I was so happy and content spending the afternoon with Turtle-nose.  (Big Bear and I have called my nephew Turtle-nose since he was a toddler.)

These cookies are a family tradition.  I remember my mom making them when I was little.  Both of my grandma's LOVED when mom would bring them for Christmas. 
I can't believe what a hit Snowballs are on both sides of the family.  They are always the first ones gone from the tray.  They are so stinkin' easy.  I always double the recipe.

This was the NEW cookie of the year - every year I try one new cookie.  I saw this recipe on a blogger friend's site.  I wanted to make them for Thanksgiving, but didn't get the chance.  I made them for Christmas.  Turtle-nose was baking with me the day I made these.  He hardly let me take a cookie off the baking sheet before he had to try them.  When he tried these he literally hit the floor.  He fell in love with this cookie.  

I didn't add any sprinkles before baking because I was going to add the lemon glaze that came with the recipe.  Later that afternoon my dad and brother stopped by.  Turtle-nose made them try one of these cookies, and all three said they were perfect just like this.  My brother said he couldn't wait to have a cup of coffee and some of these!  :)

Thanks L for the AWESOME recipe!  These are a huge hit in my family

Christmas Wreath cookies are so easy to make, and they look so great on a cookie tray!

These nuts are a HUGE hit everywhere I bring them.  Big Bear calls them Christmas Nuts.  I usually make several pounds during the holidays!
Cherry Winks have been around as long as I can remember.  My grandma made these, and they are a family favorite on my side of the family.  This is one cookie that will be around for a long, long time.  This year Turtle-nose made these with me.  He tried one, and they are now ANOTHER favorite of his.  :)

There are a few cookies I forgot to take pictures of while baking. I labeled them on the trays below.

These are the two trays I took to my parent's.  The quality is not the best because I forgot to take a picture, so my nephew (Frog-face) took it from his iphone.


  1. OMG, I think you totally missed your calling. I just can not fathom preparing to make all those cookies with all those ingredients, my head would blow up for sure.

    Guess how many cookies I made this year.....?

    (hint: zero) I bummed cookies from the neighbor for Santa. =0)

  2. Uh...WOW!!!! Can I be a part of your family?? Nice cookies!!

  3. OMW....
    You always do a WONDERFUL job at cooking or baking..
    I didn't make any cookies either..
    Happy New Year..
    Hugs girly..

  4. WOW - those look so yummy! I'm with sea star - my head would probably blow up as well :o)

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that all your dreams come true in 2009.

  5. Om my gosh woman!!!! That's awesome!!!! They look soooooo yummy!!!!!

    I love the wreath ones and the white ball ones! I might have to email you for the recipes!!! :)

  6. WOW!!! Can I come to YOUR house???? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE?!!

  7. Oh My Gosh!!

    Do you ship????

    Seriously I can't even show this to Hannah or she will be complaining about how I never bake.....

  8. Well, you Martha you :-)

    Love all the cookies, but the biscotti looks amazing!

  9. hands down....you are the Cookie Queen!!! They all look so yummy!

  10. Oh my gosh, you are the queen of baking! Do you share all the secret recipes?? Happy belated Christmas and New Year.

  11. Oh my!!! This amazing post should have come with a disclaimer as I gained 5 lbs. reading it and have a HUGE smile on my face! So many great cookies!!!

    Are you willing to share any of the recipes? Mmmmm!

    Peanut butter balls are the best! Sonja Hennies were a family fave when I was a kid but haven't made them in years. The wreaths are beautiful!

    Wow, what a great post! Thanks so much for sharing the yumminess. Turtle nose is a blessed kid to have you as his auntie!

  12. Drool, drool, drool. They look AMAZING. The Nilla Wafers sitting in my pantry aren't looking so good right now. ;)

  13. Oooh... can you post the Snowballs recipe or is that a deep, dark family secret? Because those look YUMMY.

  14. Are you sure YOU made those cookies? Those peanut butter balls look like ones I've seen Martha Stewart do. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. =)
    Man, I made a double batch of sugar cookies and I was pooped out. You need to go into business, woman....Those cookies look AMAZING!!

  15. And I thought I baked Christmas cookies. But I got nothing on you. All hail the queen of cookies!

    PS. Those ARE buckeyes. NOT peanut butter balls. LOL!

  16. I can remember many many moons ago I did this same exact thing making hundreds of cookies every year. Then I started drinking because of the stress it caused me...lol! These look AMAZING... I'm going to have to steal a few of these recipes from you. But right now, I have to go check my blood sugar levels because I think I just developed Type II diabetes just reading this...lol.

  17. I make a lot of cookies also but yours are MUCH better looking:)
    Next year I will be asking for your recipes as I love new cookies each year..We are still loving your black bean soup:)

  18. I don't know how I missed this post....OMG Girl...I thought I baked a lot this holiday.....not even close to what you did.....they all look so good!!

    I am glad the Ricotta Cookies went over so well......they are a fav in our family too and Christmas is just not Christmas without them!! Right now I am paying the price for eating way to many...the jeans are a little tight this month.....hopefully I will shed the extra poundage before Easter rolls around and the homemade candy is out if full force!!

  19. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! What an amazing spread, Stace! I am completely in awe. I know that I'm way behind here, but are there any left?? I'd like to taste the ricotta cakes & the peanut butter balls.

    Nice. xo