January 27, 2009

Snow Day #2

This is some CRAZY weather! School was called off last night and there wasn't a flake in the sky. Then we woke up to several inches. Big Bear had a difficult time getting out of the driveway this morning.

Now it is raining, sleeting, and just plain nasty! Take a look at this map:

I'm afraid we are in for a long haul with this one. I just wish Big Bear was home. Believe it or not he has a meeting with a new client this afternoon. I couldn't believe someone actually wanted to meet today. He says she's a first time home buyer and is super excited to get started. Has she looked outside?  She must live in town, not out in the county like we do.  Roads aren't plowed out here yet.  The temperature outside is 27 degrees.  Shouldn't this be freezing?

Seems like a good afternoon to bake.  I won't be going anywhere.  My car couldn't get up our driveway right now if I wanted too.  

Stay safe EVERYONE!!


  1. Snow days are such fun and a great time to bake and make comfort food! We're getting ready for snow too. Off for some pot pie for supper...yumm!!

    Stay safe and warm sweetie! Sure am glad you and hubs came to the end of the 'cold war' that happened in the fall. ;o)

  2. Hope you are baking something good!! Stay warm....the snow is just arriving here!!


  3. We also had a snow day today and tomorrow will be another. Didn't get to the store to get what I needed for the potato chip cookies.
    Maybe tomorrow.