January 4, 2009

A Dream...

The other night I had one of those dreams that seemed to go on all night long. It was a strange dream.  I typed this post the morning of the dream because I didn’t want to forget it.

The dream starts out in the superintendent’s office. It seems he is suing three teachers and I am one of those teachers. The other teacher is her:Have you seen this woman on Samantha Who, Jennifer Esposito?  Well she was a teacher in my dream. She kept yelling, “Who cares we’ll just go get another job!” I told her I couldn’t because I was just given my daughter! I can’t make ANY changes. I couldn’t concentrate on the meeting because I was just given our daughters passport! I know it isn’t the normal referral, but it was in my dream. 

This passport was FULL of information and pictures. I didn’t care what I was being sued for, I just wanted to read the passport. I left the meeting and was suddenly back in my classroom. One big difference, there is now a bed in my classroom. I am lying on the bed and see my child’s picture. I was quite shocked looking at the picture. It is not a pretty picture of the baby. Her nose was all I could focus on. It was a pig nose with one nostril MUCH bigger than the other one.   I couldn’t read any of the information because the students in my class were behaving so poorly.

Finally I send two boys to the office, I RARELY send kids to the office but they wouldn’t let me read my passport!!! I lay back on the bed to look at the picture again. The picture seems better, not so scary looking this time. Her one nostril isn’t as big as I thought!

Again the kids start misbehaving, so I have to get up again. I am dragging this kid in his desk all around the room, trying to find him a place where he will be quiet. Remember, I teach high school, so this isn’t a little kid, I am pulling around a huge kid. I am so frustrated because all I want to do is read my baby's passport!

Finally I get back to the passport. It is loaded with all sorts of information about my daughter. As I turn each page I learn more about her, and she becomes more beautiful in each picture. There are pictures of her grandparents and her parents. I can vividly see the pictures. Her grandmother is stunning. There is a map of where she is from. She is from an island up by Mongolia! (I’m telling you, I couldn’t make any of this up if I tried!) I know there are no islands by Mongolia, but they were there in my dream, I saw the map!

I was still reading the passport and then I woke up, but I had such a peaceful, happy feeling. I had such a beautiful little girl. It didn’t matter that I was being sued, that I had an unruly class, or that her referral picture was not the picture of my dreams. 

I finally saw my beautiful daughter!


  1. What a wonderful dream! It is so cool how our subconscious mind works through things while we sleep. There is a beautiful child in your future...even, if, initially, she does not appear to be what you had anticipated!

  2. That is amazing.. I would write down the actual day you had this dream or back log the post to the date you actually had the dream.. you never know this could have some important part of her life...
    Have a Great Sunday..

  3. Holy detail, batman! Ditto Kim - you never know what that day might mean, going forward!

    Either that or you just hit the cough syrup too hard the night before ;)

  4. You just made me cry! I can hardly wait for the day when it is no longer a dream for you.

    Funny that I dreamed of the little guy and you dream of the little girl. Maybe your child will be a 'year of the golden pig' like my kiddo turned out to be (by days).

    I have to admit, I rushed back to her picture to check her nostrils ;0)

  5. What fun! Isn't amazing how dreams can make so much sense when we first wake up? How cool that you saw your daughter's face...and that you have a bed in your classroom! Hmmm...wonder if my boss would notice if I put a bed in my office? ;o)

    Soon friend...SOON!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yep... you've definitely got referral fever stuck in your subconscious. It'll be interesting to look back on this post and decide if any of it means anything once you finally do get your referral.

  7. i love those dreams... i haven't had one of referral, but i dreamt of her being here, in her crib (well, i was living in Orlando?) and i had one in China- it was pretty funny actually... somehow my Highlander came withe me and I was stressed I didn't have a carseat and was bartering for one at an outdoor Wal Mart!

  8. I never dreamed about the Tongginator before I met her. Not once. Sounds like such a special moment for you. I agree with Special K... once you receive your referral, you might find this dream to be quite interesting in terms of timing. We have a timing story as well, although not in reference to a dream.

  9. here is the meaning:
    no matter how difficult the journey has been or STILL is (you being sued in the dream), and how many distractions you have had (your kids acting up in the dream) or your own doubts (your kid being not so pretty - pig nose in the dream) you need to hold on tight (trying desperately to continue to read the passport in the dream) because the end result will be soooo worth this difficult journey (your daughter finally being beautiful in the dream)
    and you are not alone (the island representing being alone)

    My job here is done.
    now stop dreaming such funky dreams and go dry a load of laundry ;0)

    btw, in the dream Jennifer Esposito represents ME - your very good friend. How did I get that??
    What am I ALWAYS telling you when you are stressed about something?? I tell you you have to have the "WHO CARES" attitude. Same thing Jennifer was telling you in the dream.

  10. what a great dream Stacy. Can't wait til she is no longer a dream but reality :)

  11. That is one amazing dream! I am wishing that all your dreams come true soon! I really do!

  12. What a wonderful and amazing dream!! I wish every night that I would see Ava's face, but I don't. Very frustrating!!

    Ohhh and I bet if your dream continued.....They would have canned Jennifer and let you keep your job! She sounds like she had a bad attitude! =)

  13. Very cool dream! Glad that you woke up with a peaceful feeling :o)