January 24, 2009

A Scare...

Every day for the last seven years the first thing I do when I get home from school is let the dogs out into the yard.  There has never been a problem with them getting out.  NEVER!

Twice within a week I have been in the house doing – whatever – when I hear Kaeliegh out in the front yard.  The first time all three of them were in the front yard.  This SCARES me to death, because Kaeliegh is never aloud outside without a leash.  She is from a sheltie rescue and no matter how much training I do, I can’t get her to come consistently when called.  Therefore I will never be comfortable having her off a lead.

The first time it happened we figured the electric company came to read the meter and just forgot to close the gate back and latch it.  Luckily all three of them were right outside and came right away when I called.

Yesterday afternoon I came home from school and let the dogs out.  I was busy in the house making a lot of noise, running a food processor.  I had been home nearly 45 minutes when I again hear Kaeliegh out in the front.  I open the family room door, she runs in so scared but extremely happy to be back with me and inside.  I went out to holler for the boys – they are NO WHERE!  My heart sank.  If one is out off lead they won’t go any where, but when they are together they are off.

I searched, hollered, frantically called Big Bear at work, doing anything I could think to do.  I walked down towards the woods.  Nothing.  This has never happened.  Bailey and Tucker have never been gone more than a few minutes.  They have run down to the woods after deer, but they have always come back.  This is the first time EVER they were G.O.N.E! 

Finally I got in the car and drove up the road.  Luckily I spotted them down a hill about a half mile away.  I got out of the car and called them.  They looked at me, looked at each other, and then came running – Thank God!  I walked them back to the house.  They were so happy, excited, and exhausted!  After getting them in the house I walked back to my car that I left up the road.  This was when the tears started.  I know I am really lucky to find them in just over an hour.  They could have been gone! 

Now Big Bear and I are wondering what is going on.  Is someone trying to set our dogs free?  Is someone trying to get into our house?  It can’t be the meter reader guy twice in less than a week.  I do know that a pad lock went on our gate today.  I can’t risk loosing my gang.

I also know that I am SO proud of Kaeliegh!  I can’t believe she didn’t take off with the boys.  She is a true homebody, Mama’s Girl as Big Bear calls her.  Damn Straight!  She is a Mama’s girl and I am Dang Proud also so very thankful.


  1. I am so glad you found them. That is a horrible feeling. We are beyond crazy about Boo never being off a leash and we are freaks about our gate being open, etc. But the one time our pup Chloe got out for 10 minutes and was hit by a car, was enough for us. So glad your story had a happy ending :) That picture is great.

  2. So glad you found your fur-babies..
    I totally understand your feelings for them..
    Have a great weekend..
    LOVE the photo of them...
    TOO CUTE>..

  3. hehehe! The boys do look very guilty!!!

    I don't know why doggies do that. Ours have done the same. Chewy is my master escape-artist. It makes me so mad!!! Doesn't he like living with us?!!!

    Milo is a big woos, and wouldn't leave home. He's to scared to go out the front door - on a leash - WITH us!!!

  4. that just proves girls are smarter than boys!!! they know where to keep warm and fed!

    So glad you were able to find them so quickly...

    Miss you!

  5. How scary!!! Good thing that mama bear came out to rescue her cubs ;-)

  6. Yikes!!! I'm so glad that you found them. I don't know what I would do if my Duke ever got out and I couldn't find him.

  7. That is so scary....I know that feeling when you look out and they are gone.....total PANIC!!

    I am so glad you found them and bought the pad lock....hopefully that will keep all your babies safe and sound!


  8. I've been there. Remember when Griffey was gone? You called (thanks for that by the way) and I was in the middle of full-on meltdown mode. That was the worst 3 days of my life.... and I've spent time in the hospital near death and in a lot of pain... but even that doesn't compare to how bad those 3 days were. LOL!

    I'm so thankful you found them. Griffey hasn't escaped once since the invisible fence went in. Just a thought...

  9. OMG!!! I am so happy that everyone is safe at home!

    Keep smilin!

  10. I know that sinking feeling all to well.....

    We have a chain link fence and we never had a problem....but when we did starting having problems with the dogs getting out we first "staked" down the fence every couple of feet. That worked for awhile until murphy figured that out. The only thing that has worked was to use landscaping ties or railroad ties up against the bottom of the fence and then stapling the chain link to the pieces of wood.

    I hate that no dogs in the backyard feeling....

  11. ARRRR! I am so happy this story had a happy ending. Whew, I would be terrified to let them out again though...padlock or not.

    Love the picture of your pups right back where they belong.

  12. I am so glad they are okay! That is a major scare and I know just how you feel.

  13. I'm THRILLED you found them!!! But I have to say it creeps me out thinking about how the gate could have gotten open (yikes!).