January 30, 2009

Snow Day #5, Baking, & a Quick Trip

This has been one VERY crazy week. I don't think I have ever had an entire week off of school due to snow and ice. I am not complaining, I will be in June, though. 
Take a look:
This is the road leading out of our subdivision.  There were over 10 pine trees down in this area alone the morning of the ice storm.  

These pictures are from our deck.  It was such a beautiful snow!

Look at the boys!!  They weren't out 15 minutes.  I went to the office to look out and check on them, in just a few minutes they were snow pups!  

Keeping guard!

We had some bananas that were past eating stage, so I made some banana bread on Thursday. Actually this is banana coconut bread.  I saw a recipe somewhere about adding coconut, and I thought why not.  This turned out to be really good.  I slice it up and wrap the pieces in wax paper.  Then I put it in the freezer.  It is easy to then grab a piece for lunches or when you want a snack.  This way the entire loaf doesn't get eaten in two days!  :o)

Today I baked some cookies to take to my brother's.

Big Bear and I are leaving in the morning for a quick trip to Chicago!  My brother invited us up to spend the night downtown on Michigan Ave. at a very special hotel!!  Then on Sunday we are going to China Town to see the Chinese New Year Parade!!  I am so excited.  I have never stayed at a hotel on Michigan Ave. before, and then the parade!  I don't know which I am more excited about!
I'll let you know how it goes!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Woohooo...bring those pupsicles in ;0) Too cute they are.

    I am over the snow...seriously...completely. As long as it doesn't close down the airport when I am hopping that plane to China then I think I'll live.

    Have a GREAT time in Chicago. What a treat of a getaway. I have to admit I am a little green here about the parade. Enjoy!

  2. HOW FUN!!!!!
    Take pictures..
    You will have sooo much fun..
    Love the boys in the snow.. they are soooo cute..
    YUMMY Banana bread.. I will have to try coconut in mine..
    Have a Great weekend..
    I know you will..
    Stop by my blog and sign up for my online party...

  3. I am an incompetent baker. How on earth did you make the cookies with the "inserts" in them?

    Have a great trip to Chicago.

  4. Oh so beautiful!!

    Have a GREAT weekend friend!! Looking forward to hearing all about your fun and adventures.

  5. Your once gifted baker - those look awesome. Your pups look freezing but the snow does look pretty :) Have a good time.

  6. We don't have snow, heance no snow days... so whats the go? If you miss school, you have to make up for it in your Summer break?!! Bummer!

    Brrrr.... your pups look like statues!

    (my word verification is dogri!)

  7. Nothing like warm, yummy baked goods on a snowy, chilly day! xo

  8. I am SO READY for Spring!!! The snow is beautiful, though!

    Hope you have been having a blast in Chicago!!!

  9. I hope you both had a great weekend in Chicago! I love Chicago! These snow pictures are just beautiful...it is going to be 75 here today!!!!

    Love, Kristy

  10. UGH!! Why am I not getting your updates in bloglines. Here I thought perhaps you were taking another bloggy hiatus! :0( I happened to click on over from Maryellens blog and realized I've been missing a LOT.. boo me!

  11. Sounds like your in for a real treat! Can't wait to hear about that post.

    I never thought of coconut n Banana Bread. I totally have to try that, and UMMMMM! Those are the cutest cookies ever! Who but you would think of the little cookie cut out in the middle! Clever!

  12. Oh I was so glad to hear from you!! This is the third blog i have been to with snowed in pics. They are gorgeous! I loved seeing the baking to warm me up after that! haha Stay warm my friend!!!

  13. Sure do wish you had posted the banana bread recipe, I can't seem to find a decent one. But I do love the idea about slicing it and putting it in the freezer!!! Think I'll try that with my pumpkin bread.

    Terrye in FL