January 3, 2009

Dryer Woes

Six or Eight months ago I mentioned to Big Bear that our dryer needed help.  It was taking FOREVER to dry anything. Nearly every weekend I would complain about how horrible our dryer was and how much I wanted a new one.  It was to the point I had to dry clothes two – three cycles before they were truly dry. 

On the Monday before New Year’s Day I did two loads of laundry. It took me All day to dry one of the loads.  The second load ended up like this:

The clothes would not dry!

I told big bear I couldn’t/wouldn’t do another load of laundry until something was done about the dryer.  I went to Wally World and bought a rack to hang clothes to dry.  (Shoot, had I known they were only ten bucks I would have gotten one of these a long time ago. I like this thing.)

On New Year’s Day we went out to Sears.  I looked at new washer and dryers, he looked at a new dryer hose.  

I fell in love with this:

We bought this:

When we got home Big Bear pulled out the washer and dryer, replaced the hose, and cleaned out under the washer and dryer.  I knew it would be gross under there, but YIKES!  It was nasty!!  We did find lots of money, several missing socks, and enough dog food to feed Kaeliegh for two days!  :)  (Disclaimer:  NO!  I did not sweep up the food and feed it to Kaeliegh!  It all went in the garbage!)

The hose itself wasn’t the problem.  It was the section in the wall where it leads outside.  Big Bear pulled a chunk of compacted lint out and we crossed our fingers that would fix the problem. 

The next day I did a load of towels.  I thought I would give the dryer a FULL workout to see if the problem was fixed, or if we needed to purchase a new dryer.  :o)

Well, the dryer is not only fixed, but it works as good as new!  Big Bear had a sly smile when he said, “You should have mentioned earlier that there were problems with the dryer!”  Grrrrrr… 

Secret:  I am not supposed to mention about when I went to do the load of towels the return hose was not put back correctly so water went EVERYWHERE all over the floor of the laundry room.  I am not supposed to write about how we had to pull out the washer and dryer AGAIN to clean up all of the water all over the floor.  Luckily I was in the next room and I heard it, otherwise we would probably STILL be cleaning up water!  Just don’t tell that I told that part of the story!  Ok!?!  :o)


  1. LOVE the washer and dryer set.. I will be getting some of those one day..
    but like you.. mine are still running good and will for probably another 10 years...LOL>.
    It is amazing how our DH's have selective hearing..
    Glad you have a dryer working properly..
    Have a Great Weekend..

  2. It sounds like a lot of husbands are doing chores around the house.
    When I saw the picture of the washer and dryer I thought "You are going to love them", since I have something similar. Then I had to laugh out loud at the "we bought this" picture.

    I can only imagine what is under and behind our dryer. I am sure it is not pretty!

    Have fun doing laundry!

  3. That's a funny story. I probably need to do that with my dryer. It's not running so great these days.

  4. glad the problem was fixed! I fell in love with the same washer/dryers a couple months back when mine broke but did not get it :( stuck with the same brand we had but took the warranty. Happy New Year !

  5. that washer/dryer combo is lookin' real sweet.
    I think I would have rigged the dryer so it COULDN'T be fixed.

  6. I would have to agree with Pug Mama! I'd definately rig something up, so it wouldn't work, of coarse my DH thinks I do anyway. I LUV that front loader set, and that will be the next kind I get, if only!
    By the way, I always have to do the two to three cycles thing too, to get them dry. HMMMM!

  7. If it makes you feel any better, we have that Whirlpool Duet and just last weekend we had to do the same thing. My dryer was taking forever to dry and I was really frustrated.

  8. Built up lint was the problem?! There is a running joke in our family...Grant admonishes each of the children every week or so, "When I die, you have to empty the lint trap for your mother so she doesn't burn the house down!" He is right...I NEVER empty the lint trap in the dryer. The handle broke off about ten years ago and even super glue couldn't get it to stay...so, the only way I can get the lint trap out is to pry it out with a butter knife and I never happen to have a butter knife in hand when putting clothes in or taking them out of the dryer! So, Grant is the sole lint emptier in our family. He is always astonished at how much lint there is to empty out. Good thing he thinks to do it, though, because I never would...I got out of the habit ten years ago when the handle broke off!

    I LOVED the "this is what I wanted" and "this is what we bought" pictures! Too funny!!!!

  9. What part of a man's hearing completely blocks out the words that lead to them doing anything around the house???

    I've been bitching (that's right, I said it) at my hubby to clean out the lint from the dryer hose for over a year. I even bought a special kit with brushes that attach to a drill to get all the way down in there and clean it out. He just used it y'day and this morning, and I come here and read this today! FREAKY!

    Regardless, I would never have known if our dryer was working well or not - hubby does all our laundry, folding and everything :P But if I was the one doing all of it and the dryer wasn't drying things, I'd tell hubby he can do his own laundry until he got it fixed! BOOYAH! lol...

  10. Hehehe...love that last paragraph.

    I also cracked up at the pictures. I 'fell in love with this' and 'this is what we bought'. Ah, been there.

  11. For the record...you have great taste in washers and dryers! Glad to hear it's working but ooohhh what a treat it would have been to give those others a spin...literally.

    Your last paragraph had me laughing!

    Happy washing.

  12. If it's any consolation, I have a front load washer and dryer set (Maytag Neptune) and they're the pits. I know that probably doesn't make you feel better, but I really hate them with the white hot heat of 1000 suns.