November 1, 2009

Oh! I don't think so...

I LOVE animals! I gave up eating meat, because the thought of eating Henrietta, Wilbur, or Daisy is just not my thing. A couple of years ago I saved a baby black snake from one of the horse stalls, because I didn't want to see it killed. I love animals and don't want to see them harmed.

I LOVE rodents of all sorts! Especially...
...and don't forget Jerry!

But I do have my limits! This morning I found some evidence that we had a little visitor last night. The culprit: Mr. Field Mouse!
Don't get me wrong Mr. Mouse I don't mind seeing you outside in the field, in a stall, or at the zoo. I will NOT, however, tolerate you in my house. Thank your lucky stars there is no evidence of you in the kitchen or this would be an all out WAR. For now it's just a battle, so you better scurry and look for a warm place some where else!

You have been warned!

1 comment:

  1. Your heart is far kinder than mine. I would have gone on an immediate hunt to flush the little vermin out!

    Okay, okay...that photo is a wee cute but NO WAY in the house. Of course, I would have to pack the bags of some cats if that happened LOL.

    Hope Mickey hits the road...pronto.