November 9, 2009

Posting vs. Status Updates

The blogging world, as I know it, is slowly but surely dwindling away. People are not blogging like they used to in the past. I have taken several breaks from blogging because at times it is difficult to come up with topics to write about. Other times I have written a post and then not posted because I think it is either too much information, it was written in a heated moment and I shouldn’t say it, or I don’t think anyone really wants to read my mumblings. There are the families that are home now and have much better things to do than sit in front of a computer. I KNOW I will be one of those who won’t be on the computer much once Polar Cub is home.

Not long ago two of my friends signed off with their last post, at least for now. When the last friend did, I literally cried reading her last post. It was extremely sad for me. There are several blogs that I have followed for a long time and they are like a little piece of home to me. When I read the blogs it is like catching up with family. These two blogs, even if the posts were less frequent, always made me happy when I saw there was a new post.

Lately everyone is moving to Faceb00k. FB is a quick and easy way to say what is on your mind or what is going on in your world. You can reach many people at once, and check up on all of your friends on one page. It is quite convenient.

In the beginning I really liked FB. Slowly, I am becoming less and less of a fan. For me there are too many people. People I have NO clue who they are will ask to be ‘friends’. Why do strangers want to be my friend? Isn’t the definition of a friend someone you know and like to spend time with? If I don’t know you how can I be a friend?

When I first started on FB it didn’t bother me to write about anything. Now I think twice because I wonder if some guy I went to high school with really will give two hoots about whether or not I baked cookies, had a crappy day at work, jumped in the river, or what ever it is I put on my status update.

People from work now are asking to be friends? How can I complain about work if there are a half a dozen people who are now my ‘friend’ on FB? Most of these people I never really speak to at work, why do they want to be friends on FB?

There are things I like about FB. I have been able to catch up with several of my cousins and friends from college and high school. I like FB because I can check on my friends and see what is going on with them, or see pictures they upload.

For me blogging is a much better way to express feelings and emotions. It is a good way to vent or share how excited I am about a situation. It’s hard to get true emotions on FB. My friend K put a plea out several weeks ago for people to come back to blogging. K, I’m coming back.


  1. Hey sweets!! I've been thinking about the lack of blogging by so many lately too....including myself!! lol

    I'm sorta opposite though in that I truly do enjoy facebook still. Just the other day I was looking at someone's photo they uploaded to FB that I had already seen on their blog a few days earlier and thought to myself.... "This picture is so much bigger and brighter on here than having to click on it to enlarge it on her blog!" I love that you can comment on each seperate picture on FB as well.

    It's weird cause I feel much more safer posting things on FB for my "friends" to read than posting things on my blog....where until recently when I went private.... ANYONE in the entire world could read what I wrote! At least on FB....I most likely know that my "friend" Bob from when I was 6 most likely isn't a sex predator. I used to approve all friend requests...(It I at least knew who they were....) but now I'm much more picky and have even deleted some as friends that I don't think need to know everything about us.

    I still blog every now and then though....mostly for some of my family and friends who have refused to join facebook! lol.... (Like our amazing friend Catherine!!! lol) ;o) I love to blog hop still though! It's great!!

    Keep it up girl!! Your special time of referral and travel and bringing your baby home is right around the corner and we all want to experience all that with you!!!! :o) Yahooooooooo!!!!

  2. Yay!!!! Welcome Back!

    I agree with everything you said. It's not always about the hourly update. It's the feelings, emotions and plain old great writing that I miss from some bloggers that have dropped out.

    Thanks for coming back home!

  3. I love my blog..I have been super busy and I have used FB to update on what is going on.. but I truly love my blog.. and reading other blogs..
    I hope I never get rid of mine..
    Thanks for this post..
    have a great day..

  4. I hear ya! I can not imagine doing both right now with busy life. But FB is so full of games and I find it inpersonal compared to blogging.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Though I'm "on" FB I don't sign on but maybe once every month or so thus I never know what is going on. I miss all my bloggy friends and the more interesting and in-depth posts that blogging allows compared to FB. I am so happy that you're returning and look forward to your posts no matter how few or far between.

  6. it that you're back. I have so enjoyed going on this journey with you.
    I am not on FB but I know several people that are. I guess I'm very uncomfortable with it because I knew someone that had problems at work because of it. To me, reading a blog is just like reading a book and I love to read.

  7. I am so with you.... I could never give up my blog for FB. It is not the same at all. Nor, could I put my feelings on FB the way I do on my blog.

    Glad you are sticking with the blog:)


  8. My blog is staying. I have turned the old one into 2 fantastic hard bound books and this one is about to undergo a big change and we are going back to the old name cos hubby never liked the new one. My blog is for my girlies. I just need to find the right person to do the makeover.
    As for FB: when I started I was so happy to get invited to be a friend I said Yes to everyone. I had no clue who they were other than they said they read my old blog, along with 75,000 others but after a few months I wrote on my wall: please come forward and say who you are or get voted off of my island. Some people didn't speak up so I voted them off. I know it was harsh or rude but WHATEVER. Now I know who everyone is and I ignore requests all the time.
    I password protected my blog for a while but it locked out people it shouldn't have done but it also weeded out some others too. 75,000 readers is a whole lot of strangers so I knew it was the right thing to do.
    Wow...are you wishing you had a password right about now?

  9. Welcome back friend! I feel the same way!