November 11, 2009

Remembering Veterans

Today the students at the school where I teach put on an amazing Veteran's Day assembly. The band, choir, and orchestra performed. There were Veterans present from wars past and present. Speeches were given by the principal and a Veteran who graduated from our school several years ago. He has served in Afghanistan and just came home this past March. The entire student body sat silent as he told the stories of two fallen soldiers he served with while in Afghanistan. It was an amazing moment to have over 1,000 high school students sitting in complete silence.

There were many other moving moments in during the assembly. Listening to the the band and orchestra play The Battle Hymn of the Republic gave me goose bumps. At one point they played Procession of the Patriots. The audience was asked to stand if they had a family member who has served, or is currently serving, while the hymn of the branch they served was played. It made me teary to stand in honor of my dad while Anchors Away was performed.

I will never truly understand the sacrifice these men and women give while serving our country. I do know that I appreciate their service, and would like to say, Thank You.

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  1. Mom showed me your piece on the Veterans Program. It is important that the school does this, because it helps to highlight the sacrifices of veterans, especially those who have served in recent wars. Also, very good of you to feel honored by my service.